Pam Goodison Glass Goes International!

At the grand old age of 7 and a bit and with just over 2000 followers on Facebook, Pam Goodison Glass is now truly international!

I was asked to create a glass dachshund based upon a branded design of a breeder based in Finland. The original breeder liked it so much that she commissioned two pieces for herself as well as one for another breeder in Brazil. The Finland pieces have arrived safely but we are still awaiting news of the safe arrival in Brazil, which will probably take a bit longer to get there.

When posting items abroad, always check the rules and regulations of the country they are going to. Did you know that you are not allowed to send wood to Brazil? When you think about it, this makes logical sense, but you also have to think about packaging as cardboard is another prohibited product.

There are good guidelines on the Royal Mail site which will also tell you about Customs Declarations.

So now that the first pieces have landed I am hoping that I will build a bit of a reputation for my glass in Finland as well as amongst the dachshund community. I have her two at home, Ziggy and Florence, and have a real love of the breed. These pieces have been very popular amongst the owners of this particular breed and I am hoping that with time to get requests to do a variety of dogs.

If you would like to commission your own piece then I can be contacted at or you can call 07511 781322 to discuss your requirements.

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